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By René Brooks

Working from home comes with its pros and cons just like every other job. The idea of there being some ideal situation where you are always happy and comfortable is a myth.

When you come down from your idealism and realize what being a freelancer is really like, you learn quickly that you will need to have a plan of action and structure to meet your productivity goals.

Beyond that, the world is your oyster.

As you are working your way through the ranks of freelancers, you’re going to find that you will meet your tribe, and when you do, you’ll find that there is a whole thread of common experiences as a freelancer that you’re going to totally identify with.

Here are four of those completely relatable experiences for freelancers:


Living in Yoga Pants/Sweats/Comfy Clothes


When you are working in your house all day, you’ll find yourself less inclined to put your best face forward in the case of getting dressed. There is too much activewear in the world for you to waste your precious time dressing up day after day.

While this is awesome because you’ll be so comfortable, this can also get you into a rut if you’re not careful. So enjoy your comfort while acknowledging the necessity of occasionally putting something a little more dressy on.


Becoming a shut-in


Many of us who take the path to work from home is a little introverted, to say the least. We love to spend lots of time by ourselves and don’t feel any particular shame in not leaving the house for a few days, maybe even a whole week.

Spending all of this time indoors can make you feel like you’re becoming a bit of a shut-in, and you’d be right.

It is important to plan regular trips out of the house to prevent yourself from getting bored and burnt out.

Ordering everything you can online


Because it can take up so much of your time to put in the work and set the schedule for your home-based business, you look for ways to save time and money all the time.

For some of us, that means ordering everything you can online to limit trips to the store. Also, by this time you should be a shut-in, so you already know that you’re not in the mood to hang out with a bunch of strange people.

As long as Amazon Prime can get it to my house, there is absolutely no reason for me to have to leave.

Your family and friends being confused about what you do


Annoyingly, no matter how popular you are as a freelancer, you will still dread the question, “what do you do?”

It isn’t a question that ever ends with anything but confusion for the person asking it.

For some reason, it is impossible for people to grasp the concept of freelancing unless they or someone they love has been through it before. Usually, you walk away feeling confident that the person you have just spoken to thinks you’re an incorrigible bum.

Not really the impression you were hoping to make. You will learn to avoid the question at all costs.

Find yourself a group of freelancers you can trust, and get started talking with them. Once you do, you’ll find that you aren’t the only person having these experiences. Once can bear up under anything as long as they aren’t bearing the weight alone. Talk to the freelancers in your area and see how they feel about these common experiences, I’m sure you’ll all have a bunch to talk about from now on.

Bio: René Brooks is a freelance writer for She is especially interested in freelancing and mental health. René seeks to bring education and humor to some serious topics, and promote unity for ALL people, regardless of mental health diagnosis.

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