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Creating social media content for your ideal audience.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by creating content but you know you need to post something on Instagram or it has been a while since you posted on Facebook. This blog post will help you understand how to create content for your social media channels without getting caught up in the hamster wheel. You need to understand who your targeted audiences are, how they feel, what they need and where they hang out. Use your own voice and be yourself in your social media and be consistent – pick a posting schedule and keep up with it.

Review the available online tools for helping you with social media. I share some good tools at the end of this post.

You could have a number of targeted audiences that you need to focus on, and that’s ok, if so then create a profile for each one for each platform.

So how do we know what content we should create?

✔️Have a fully fledged out vision for your brand.

✔️Be absolutely clear in your messaging.

✔️Understand your ICA & what they need most.

✔️Find out where your audience is hanging out.

✔️Choose one or two platforms to focus on.

Allot of people get caught up on content creation. I get it, you don´t feel like a writer, or maybe you are better at talking?
Well, there are 4 types of social media content that you should be focusing on to grow your audience and business in the digital world.
I know that too many of us, creating content does not come naturally to us. You know you need to post but don´t know what to say.

These are the four: Educational, Inspirational, Behind the scenes and Selling. These can be broken down into smaller. But to get an idea: 

1. Educational: Posts that teach! put out content that teaches something without expecting something in return. Give value, mini guide, how to, why you should … anything that teaches, just something that is not too long but gives value … show them your authority in your niche.

2. Inspirational: Inspire people! How can you brighten their day? Show them behind the scenes. Tell them stories. Often stories are an easy way to inspire, tell a personal story, how you overcame something, how an experience has made you the person you are today, how you survived, show people that you did it and that they can do it too.

3. Connecting: Connect with your audience and followers. How can you make them feel part of something, like a community…
Give your audience a permission to ask you, that is one way to connect with you.

4. Have a call to action post. But first, start your post by giving value and then lead it to call to action. Tell them why you are offering this, what it can do for them, what results they will get. People buy results.

If you are in the beginning state with your business, start with teaching and inspiring! The selling will come later on more natural.
Your audience will position you as an authority by reading your teaching and inspiring posts.

Find out what is the best or easiest way for you to do? Is it teaching or inspiring?
Are you good at taking your personal lesson and inspire other people?
But don´t forget to make sure that people know that you are a business! Write from your heart but still remind them that you are a business. You can, for example, mention why you started your business, what results  your clients get…etc

I use The preview app to see ahead which photos to post on my Instagram feed.

Snapseed to edit the lightening in my photos.

Define more on how to create your ideal audience before you start creating more content. 


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